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Pro-Connect HR Solutions LTD, provides specialized personnel for all companies, maintaining long-lasting trust and following high-standard principles. We are lucky to count on experienced professionals that follows many years of recruitment obligations to help to choose the right candidate. The team focuses on the interpersonal skills required for any job in common, to then look for the specific skills required for the job. The technical staff interviews a person regarding the technical skills required for the job.

Satisfy timely employer requirements

Besides being able to do recruitments, we have links with the employee’s market to provide employers with staff on a seasonal or timely basis. For example, if an employer runs out of services because of extra work or for lacking some staff member, we can provide temporary help. So, to help companies with staff during fluctuations, we have:

  • Employees with specializations in various fields
  • People with enthusiasm and desire to work
  • People who can spend time on short-term or long-term assignments
  • Well-trained people selected to work productively and satisfy the employers

We can hire employees that are not only eligible to work for the particular task you need, but that are also checked for the licenses required. In summary, they are ready to join you on work at a call.

Serving for unique personnel requirements, we are connecting the market with professionals every day. If you need any type of employee, all you must do is send us the job description and we can find the perfect match for the position.

Fill this online application form to get help in staffing. We will match the employee suitable for what you need.